Startup launch & product design

Creating a new company or a new product within an existing company can be a daunting task. With so many things to focus on you really want the Pricing & Underwriting to ‘just work’. That allows you to focus on your many other critical tasks. It is essential that you receive experienced support at cost effective prices. With twenty years of experience, dozens of new product launches, and previous success in launching startups from scratch, we are able to cover every aspect of Pricing & Underwriting, from model building to PAS selection to product design.

The Success

  • Helped launch a company in 2023, building their launch pricing infrastructure and models.
  • Helped launch a company in 2021, building their pricing, product, and proposition.
  • Helped launch over a dozen new insurance products in the last decade.

The Modelling

  • Even without historic data we can get you launched with an industry leading market prediction model.
  • We are able to provide data enrichment sources that are model ready and cost effective.
  • We are able to build robust and documented data schemas including all required feature engineering.

The Infrastructure

  • We are able to work with IT teams to explain the vision and build the blueprints they need to deploy the rates.
  • We have great experience in selecting the right pricing software and policy admin systems for insurance companies.
  • We code our models and data engineering entirely in python for universal application and handover.

The Leadership

  • We are able to work with or in the absence of a senior pricing lead.
  • We can have effective conversations with your capacity provider, speaking their language to get buy in and sign off.
  • We are able to deploy our own teams at short notice to help hasten the launch process.


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