Bespoke projects

Although we provide an example of a range of common services, if the task involves the pricing or underwriting team, or any of the teams that work adjacent to this function (claims, call centre, reserving, marketing, product, distribution) then we can assist. Our multi-decade experience means that we have a proven hands on record of succeeding in projects across the companies that we have worked for, using our domain knowledge and analytical expertise to generate performance uplifts in short timescales.

Exposure Management

  • We have created regional ‘risk zones’ based on adjacency factors that judges how large an event will be – e.g. home storm damage.
  • We currently use our own risk rating groups but can adapt our algorithm to yours.
  • We then look at sales densities within those zones, grouped at multiple levels to account for event severity, and report on over-exposure.

Product Design

  • We have conducted three major product designs in the last five years.
  • We built a telematics product that created strong customer engagement through use of rewards, breaking the ‘telematics paradox’.
  • We also built a flexible product for a UK Tier 1 insurer, blending our underwriting and marketing knowledge to make something far more customer-centric.

Panel Management

  • We completed a project with an Italian broker to allow them to better understand the competitiveness of their panel.
  • We were able to designate the panel members into five groups and create a strategy to maximise the sales for each group.
  • Due to the nature of the Italian market we also broke this into north-central-south regions with specific strategies for each group in each region.

Call Centre Discounting

  • A client was concerned that their call centre was underperforming due to having an incorrect next best action tool and discounting strategy.
  • We defined customers into value and longevity groups and improved the next best action tool to direct them to the right team and process.
  • We also rebuilt the discounting strategy, removing the previous flawed non-linear model, and replacing it with a simpler but more effective calculation.


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