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Pricing and product specialists

Applying data science to drive profitable growth

Granite data products

Seasoned insurance professionals 

Over a decade of insurance experience as industry practitioners, we have in-depth knowledge of how pricing & products work with a solid foundation of data science. We provide bespoke data science solutions to you with a clear focus on improving your capabilities. 

What we do


As pricing specialists, we have built numerous price optimisation systems and designed products for a wide variety of clients, including start-ups, MGAs, insurers, retail, brokers, and price comparison websites.

We drive change and increase our clients' capabilities with our data science solutions, reporting framework, and team coaching.

If you are in the business of selling insurance, then we can help you, with our data-driven solutions and product design.
Typical projects: 
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our data products


Our team has developed two exceptional data products for UK motor insurance that come with proprietary Pebbles scores and an array of feature engineering. These products have been designed with a singular focus on pricing models, and are perfectly suited for any modelling needs.

We take great pride in utilising the same products ourselves when building pricing models for our clients, giving us the confidence that they will prove to add a lot of value for anyone seeking to improve their pricing models.

We have plans to develop whole-of-market analytical models (join our Beta test group for our Market Tracker service) and more data products for Home, Pet, and SME. 
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