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Our regularly updated proprietary scores save you time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most: your competitive edge.

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Our data is sourced from reliable sources and meticulously curated to ensure 99.9% accuracy, and completeness. Designed to work with predictive models out-of-the-box.


• Thatcham for base vehicle data.
• Manufacturer data.
• Euro NCAP for safety data.
• road accidents & safety (2019-2022).
• & ONS crime statistics.
• Publicly available vehicle price data.
• Full manual review of all 75k+ vehicles.

Feature engineering

Missing values filled using alternate data sources where possible. Where not possible then filled using a nearest neighbour algorithm based on a combination of vehicle physical descriptions. Automatic outlier detection with manual review.

Fuel type classification to split regen and PHEV hybrid electric vehicles. Vehicle models split into generations and sub-generations to show evolution of vehicle. Body type reclassification, specifically to deal with SUVs. Manufacturer safety using Euro NCAP scores. Price depreciation curve to control old vehicles

Pebbles ratings

3 risk factors (accident, injury, theft). 2 market factors (complete, residual). Petroelectric calculation.

Risk factors use accident / theft statistics smoothed and classified by vehicle physical characteristic SHAP values. Market factors use genetic modelling to reverse engineer market data & smooth results. Petroelectric uses KWh/BHP : CC ratio curve, which is adjusted across the range to account for change in profile as car size increases.

vehicle rating

Machine learning vehicle ratings, The future of insurance pricing

Save time and resources with our data updated monthly, freeing up your underwriting resources to focus on your footprint & underwriting performance.

Three popular use cases for our data

  1. Better pricing models: Our risk scores can help you to identify areas with higher accident, theft, or injury risk where you do not have data.
    Our market scores will help you calibrate your models against the market.

  2. Identify new markets: We have created a market-first score to understand the market price for each vehicle. Invaluable to identify new markets for growth, or where your pricing is misaligned against the market.

  3. Electric vehicle pricing: Get a competitive edge in insurance pricing with our Petroelectric variable, built-for models.

Proprietary scores are updated at least once a quarter, keeping your pricing models up-to-date.

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Granite: Vehicle data curated for insurance risk

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