Pricing as a service

You have built your pricing algorithm and steadily increased the sophistication to the required level. Now your team is struggling to maintain the engine that it has built, whilst still needing to work on further improvements. You need extra resource but don’t want to bring in a large permanent headcount. This is where we can help. Whether you just need your models refreshed on time and to a high quality of build, or you need someone to help design, build, and complete new projects we have you covered.


  • New sophistication – we can build new elements that bolt onto your pricing structure, or re-engineer old ones to improve them.
  • New products – we can diversify your income by building and launching without disrupting your existing team.
  • Just show us what your end state vision looks like (we can help with this!) and we will create a project service plan.

Model updates

  • Regular refreshes – we can update your models to your schedule, ensuring that they are always up to date.
  • BAU improvements – we can also look to add one improvement to each refresh, striving to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Just show us what your end state vision looks like (we can help with this!) and we will create a model service plan.

Trading and Monitoring

  • Your pricing team might not have the resource for investigating daily sales due to being at full capacity on other work.
  • They might also have been hired for their analytical and data science skills, meaning you require more commercial experience.
  • We can monitor your sales and portfolio and recommend price changes by creating a trading and monitoring service plan.


  • Best in class optimisation means using an iterative method which requires frequent model refreshes, picks, and deployments.
  • This can become an entire industry in itself – one that you just want done on time so that your team can focus on other areas.
  • We can run your monthly / seasonal optimisation process, from data to deployment, by creating an optimisation service plan.


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