Algorithm rebuilds

With pricing software becoming ever more functional and user friendly it is easy to build algorithms that become too complex for what they are trying to achieve. Beyond technical mistakes there is a lack of transparency and accountability, with senior leaders feeling out of control as the levers they pull to affect their business not having the expected results. We are experts in improving or completely rebuilding your rating algorithm, simplifying it with no loss to performance, and improving accuracy and speed of use.

The Benefits

  • Our algorithms improve results by lowering complexity and making each step easier to understand.
  • We build in a method that allows for future expansion within our framework to ensure you can continue to improve.
  • We align our algorithms to team structures and financial plans to improve how people connect to the software.

The Experience

  • We have decades of experience, from industry leaders to junior data scientists.
  • We have successfully built or rebuilt over a dozen pricing algorithms in the last decade.
  • Our clients have seen immediate benefits in results, with better accountability and fewer errors.

The Software

  • We are experts in using market leading pricing software like Radar and Earnix.
  • We have partnerships with up and coming new entrants like Akur8 and Quantee.
  • We have a wider array of experience, including the native rating engines to Policy Admin Systems.

The Process

  • We first understand your business, by listening to your desires, goals, and wishes.
  • Then we systematically break down what you have and where you want to get to.
  • Then we completely rebuild from first principles, with full documentation in place.


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