Orla Sutherland

Data Scientist

An MSc Data Scientist with experience in the entertainment industry and general insurance pricing.

I joined Pebbles after completing my Masters in Maths & Data Science in 2022. Previously I had worked for a Scottish theatre company where I interrogated their data and built their ETL process, revamped all of their reporting packs and built an innovative demand model to estimate expected revenue from planned events.

At Pebbles, I’ve been the lead Data scientist to create our Postcode dataset, deploying a variety of machine learning techniques to feature engineer numerous columns. I’ve also been involved in several pricing projects for Pebbles.

  • Delivered Co-Optimisation (GIPP Compliant) for a large global insurer’s UK motor product.
  • Built various proprietary Pebbles scores for UK postcodes based on a wide range of data sources and utilising a number of unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

I provide my clients with advanced data science support covering data engineering and building machine learning models.


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