Ben Wallner

Data Scientist

A rare mix of talent between statistical excellence (1st in Natural Sciences) and commerical acumen. 

I joined Pebbles following a research internship from my university in 2022, and really enjoy the commercial outcomes from building predictive models. 

At Pebbles, I’ve been the lead data scientist in creating our Vehicle dataset, which involved creating a relationship with Thatcham, and deploying a variety of machine learning techniques to feature engineer numerous columns. I’ve also been involved in several pricing projects for Pebbles.

  • Delivered Co-Optimisation (GIPP Compliant) for a large global insurer’s UK motor product.
  • Built various proprietary Pebbles scores for UK vehicles (ABI code level) based on a wide range of data sources and utilising a number of supervised machine learning algorithms.

I provide my clients with advanced data science support covering data engineering, market research, and building machine learning models.


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